ROBIOS is a (physical) social and customizable robot that help companies take care of their customers

ROBIOS can for example do automatic checkins in a Hotel, help and entertain patients in a Hospital or inform clients in a shop and promote products

Through inovation of ROBIOS, your company can serve more clients in a standardized way with a lower cost.

Checkout what ROBIOS can do for your company

  • Cost reduction

    The main objective of ROBIOS is to offer high quality, cheaper and standardized face-to-face customer service.

  • More time for standardized customer care

    Behind the scene, ROBIOS has a computer with artificial intelligence able to understand and dialog with people : so ROBIOS is patient, never gets tired or angry and talks always in the same standardized way to your customers

  • Innovation

    Robots are the future : using robots in your company will automatically associate your brand with innovation

  • Customized

    ROBIOS is customizable : we can change colors, logos, knowledge and even the form factor to build a totally customizable robot that fit your exact company needs.

  • Evolution and deep larning

    As ROBIOS interacts with your clients/users, it gets better and better and become smarter at understanding what your clients need and ask.

  • Analytics

    All interactions are stored and classified. You get total access to analytics, dialogs and questions made by your customers. These data can also be accessed by HumanRobotics to fine tune the chat capabilities of our robot.

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